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Bullfrog Spas Simplicity Filtration System

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Dual intakes at night

Dual Intakes

The Simplicity Filtration System features dual filter intakes for more effective skimming across a wider surface area. The filter intake assembly includes an outer screen, a weir/skimmer, and a removable debris basket that captures larger debris for easier cleaning and longer filter life.

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Space Saving Flat Filter Design

The industry first flat filter design fits behind the JetPak, creating enough extra space for an additional seat in most spa models. This saves precious seating space for therapy, relaxation, & fun without compromising safety.

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Man installing a Bullfrog Spa filter
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Washable or Disposable Filter

Simplicity filters last up to 3 months or longer with regular care. They can be easily clean if preferred or replace them for less hassle. These affordable filters have a lower overall filter cost and generally lower cost per spa per year. The plastic-free filter design also leads to more sustainability and lower plastic waste than conventional filters.

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