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Changing  Simplicity Filter

Simplicity® Filtration System

Most of our spa lines feature the revolutionary Simplicity Filter System, which is proprietary to Bullfrog Spas. Simplicity is a revolutionary filtration system that eliminates the waste and inefficiency inherent in traditional spa filtration. Simplicity utilizes filter media more completely and efficiently for better cleaning, saves space for extra seating, and costs less than traditional filters. This is accomplished with a simple, flat, plastic-free filter that’s inexpensive and easy to exchange. 

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Clear Comfort for Bullfrog Spas

The patented and award-winning Clear Comfort AOP for Bullfrog Spas, now available standard on Swim Series or as an upgrade to your M Series spa, is a high-tech, eco-friendly, low-chemical spa system you’re sure to love. Clear Comfort for Bullfrog Spa uses advanced oxidation technology that operates automatically, creating hydroxyl ions. These ions create a strong oxidation effect in spa water, helping spa owners and operators maintain clean, clear, and safe water, free of impurities. You’ll enjoy softer, silkier, and fresher-feeling water, and lower maintenance for your Bullfrog Spa.

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Frog @Ease Square

FROG® @ease® for Bullfrog Spas

The FROG @ease water care system creates fresh clean mineral water, while self-regulating SmartChlor® technology maintains low chlorine levels. With FROG @ease in your spa, you’ll use up to 75% less chlorine, reducing the need for shock treatments to once a month, while protecting swimwear and skin.

*FROG @ease available in the USA only. See dealer for details.

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EOS™ O3 Enhanced Ozone System

EOS O3 is a revolutionary automatic water purification system that eliminates impurities using the powerful oxidation properties of O3 gas. This unique three-part system works by generating ample amounts of O3 gas, combining it with spa water in an isolated high-contact mixing chamber, and then filtering out over 99% of excess ozone to prevent negative off-gassing effects.

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Showing the Wellspring filtration pump

Wellspring™ Dedicated Filtration Pump

The dedicated Wellspring filtration pump is a quiet, vibration free, circulation pump that is more than eight times as effective as standard filtration pumps. Your spa will filter better, while consuming up to 60% less operating energy, saving you money.

Natural Mineral Cartridge

The Bullfrog Spas Natural Mineral Cartridge is a simple way to enhance your spa water with the natural benefits of minerals. These long-lasting cartridges are designed to fit inside of the filter cage* on all new Bullfrog Spas. Mineral cartridges are a great option for those that prefer a simple and natural water care solution.

WellSpring™ Ozone Purifier System

The WellSpring™ Ozone Purifier System features corona discharge electrode technology that creates ozone which increases the purifying oxidation potential of your spa’s own water. Keep your spa clean and significantly reduce the amount of sanitizing chemicals needed.