Product Description:

Features: Swim Jet System II, River Jet, 5.5kW Titanium Heater, 5" Multi-Color LED Spa Light

Dimensions: 93" X 151" X 51"

This is our most popular model for Fitness Swim Spas. Fully control your work out using the two river jets. The F-1325 allows endless swimming at beginner to advanced levels. While you use the fitness handlebars and anchors, you will notice jets at your feet. The F-1325 has bench seating along the tub for your friends and family to join you as you work out.

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Spa Color / Panel Type

Additional Product Details

LED Spa Lighting Multi Colored LED 1 x 5"
Seating Capacit 11
Shell Color Sterling Silver
Dimensions (W x L x H) 93" x 151" x 51"
Dry Weight- Lbs. (Kilograms) 1,750 (794 kg)
Filled Weight - Lbs. (Kilograms) 15,028 (6,817 kg)
Water Capacity - Gal. (Liters) 1,600 (6,056 L)
Eliminator High Performance™ Pump 1 x 6.0 BHP (1 x 3.0 HP)
Operating Voltage 240V
Stainless Steel Jets: Exclusive Candy Cane Jets 23
Swim Spa Jet System: I, II and IV 2 Swim Jet System-II - River Jets
Stainless Steel Exercise Bar 27"
Floor Mounted Swim Lane Marker Yes
Fitness Anchors Yes
Tether Anchor Yes(3)
Pillow(s) Y-Pillow
Gate Valve(s) Yes
Pure Silk™ Ozonator with Mazzie Injector and Mixing Chamber Yes
Bio-Clean Filter™ with TeleWeir 100 Sq. Ft. (2 x 50 Sq. Ft.)
Whisper Power Unit™ - Equipment with Full Color LCD Touch Display BP501G1 Cal-Spa Touch2
Thermo-Shield™ Insulation Side Panels and Thermo-Layer Floor with ABS Liner Yes
WhisperHot™ Heating System 5.5 kW Titanium Heater
LED Hydrostreamers with Valve Yes
Floor Drain Yes
Pressure Treated Cabinet Frame Yes
Cabinet Panel with Cal Spas Premium Badge: Smoke & MistStandard
Cabinet Accessible Drain Valve Yes
Spa Cover: Cal Armor™ (Weather Shield) - Colors: Grey, Dark Brown, Black 5" - 3" Cal Armor™
Warranty (Structural) 10 Years
Warranty (Finish) 7 Years
Warranty (Parts) 5 Years
Warranty (Labor) 5 Years
Warranty (Cabinet) 5 Year

WARRANTIES - ** limitations apply , see owners manual for full details

  • 10 year structure, 7 year shell finish, 5 year parts, labor and cabinet