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Can you Really relax in a hot tub?



Relaxation is more than simply absence from work…it is freedom from tension and anxiety and is a regenerative experience that improves your mood. Stress, on the other hand, triggers physiological defense mechanisms that over time can be damaging to your overall health and wellness. Driving in South Florida traffic, watching the evening news, and hearing the endless dings and notifications from your cell phone can all be stressors in our daily lives. That’s why it’s important to talk about the benefits of relaxation you can experience through hydrotherapy in a hot tub or swim spa.

Where does the word “spa” come from? Spa is the name of a town in Eastern Belgium where a thermal spring was discovered in the 14th century. The curative powers of its medicinal baths became so popular, the name stuck and the concept of “spa” therapy as a health treatment became well-established. The hydrotherapy we enjoy from our hot tubs and spas today brings about relaxation from the warm, bubbling water and targeted massage. While in the jacuzzi or hot tub, many people practice some form of relaxation through focused breathing, visualization, or progressive muscle relaxation. Music therapy and aromatherapy can be utilized in conjunction with spa therapy which may provide even deeper levels of relaxation.

Taking time to relax and destress is an important part of maintaining a balanced life. Having your very own hot tub or swim spa at your Stuart, Florida home will allow you to immerse yourself in the warm water which will help you relax mentally and physically in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of home. There are so many models of hot tubs and swim spas to choose from these days, including spas of different sizes and seating arrangements, as well as those with different types of jets and jet placement for targeted hydromassage therapy. The important thing to remember is to make time for yourself and your family to relax and unwind from the day away from television, video games, and cell phones. Invest in your health and wellness by choosing the spa or hot tub that will meet your family’s needs.

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