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Hot tub repair and maintenance service in Martin County


If you are one of those people who find cleaning your hot tub tedious and time-consuming, then you have come to the right place. Cleaning a hot tub is not that difficult. All you need is about $20 a month in cleaning supplies and knowledge of the right procedures and scheduling time. These, however, are what baffles a lot of people.

Hot Tub Sales started as a locally owned business in the Greater Toronto, Canada, region in 2005 but has quickly expanded its business to Stuart, Florida, which has been its southern home since. Lori and Mario got their start in the hot tub industry with their delivery and installation services, but have quickly included cleaning and maintenance services out of necessity for their clients.

With this idea in mind, they quickly understood the opportunity to significantly improve the overall quality of hot tubs, swim spas, and maintenance services on the Treasure Coast. Once established on the Treasure Coast, the need for cleaning and maintenance services became apparent, coupled with the demand for high-quality spa and hot tubs, better warranties, and trusted aftercare services at affordable prices.

It was at this moment that “Simply Great Service” was born and has quickly become the number one spa and hot tube company in Southeast Florida, offering inspection, delivery, repairs, and maintenance services across all their branches. After nearly 5 years in Stuart with thousands of spas sold, delivered, and installed, Hot Tub Sales has taken on a new standard as being “Simply the Best.” With various lines of hot tubs across 4 independent and top-rated manufacturers, they truly offer the best selection of quality hot tubs for all seasons.

You can’t find a better hot tub repair and maintenance service in Martin County or anywhere else in Florida. HTS takes great pride in collaborating with only the best experts and brand manufacturing companies in the industry.

They are committed to being the best retailer and providing maintenance services to their clients. Hot Tube Spa provides its clients with the best products, warranties, and after-care services in Martin County and Southeast Florida.
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