Hot tub leak repair in Indian River County

What do I do if my hot tub is leaking?
You know that hot tubs are supposed to lose some water due to evaporation… but are they supposed to lose that much water? When you seem to be losing water faster than you can refill it, it’s time to get hot tub leak repair in Indian River County.

So, what can you do when your tub starts to lose water abnormally? First thing is to see whether it is a leak or not. To do that, turn the pump off and allow the hot tub to drain naturally. Pay attention to the moment when the draining slows down and stabilizes. That means you have a leak somewhere in your system.

Leaks in hot tubs can originate from several places. They can be in the fittings, jets, pump, lights, filter, or plumbing. Each of these cases requires a different solution. To find where the leak is located and fix it, the best choice is to call a professional.

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