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How to safeguard your hot tub before a big storm or hurricane


With vivid images of the damage and destruction hurricanes can cause, it might be clear to see why one might think that safeguarding your hot tub might be a waste of time. However, according to experts, damage to property and possessions can very well be prevented or minimized if precautions are taken.  

Hot tubs serve as a reminder of a nice tropical vacation, dipping into a nice warm, soothing, clear Caribbean Sea. But just like any Caribbean destination, a storm or hurricane can be its worst enemy. The days of returning home after a long, tedious day and soaking in your therapeutic hot tub might soon be over. However, don't despair, because help is at hand.

1. Read the signs

If there is a warning from the National Hurricane Center and a storm is coming your way, don’t wait until it makes landfall before thinking about securing your hot tub.

2. Secure your hot tub

Yes, you might already secure your windows, shutters, and other valuable property, but what about your hot tub? The initial thing to do is to protect its electrical component by unplugging it. Flooding could cause water damage to very important parts, not to mention electrical power surges and outages that could result in the fluctuation in current causing electrical parts to blow. The change in the power supply can pose a fire risk as well as potentially damage the electrical system of your hot tub. It’s important to shut off the power to your hot tub at the circuit breaker. Don’t forget to shut off any electrical “add-ons” that might be connected to your hot tub as well, such as LED lights or music systems.

3. Add reinforcement

If your hot tub is firmly secured on a deck, the elevation might help in some cases of flooding. However, placing sandbags around the perimeters of the tub or spa could add additional protection against damage to any electrical components in your hot tub. Next, DO NOT EMPTY YOUR TUB; you would want to keep water inside your tub. A typical hot tub could hold up to 400–500 gallons (about twice the volume of a large refrigerator) of water, which will keep your tub grounded in strong winds.

4. Sanitize and cover

After you have secured your hot tub with sandbags, it is important to sanitize it with chemicals, then cover it, balance your hot tub’s chemical levels, and add extra chlorine or bromine to combat debris or dirty water, which could result in a flood or storm. You might want to add the sanitizer to your hot tub first and let it have a chance to move through the filters before you unplug it. Then it's time to strap down the cover. The cover will help protect your hot tub from flying debris during a hurricane, which can affect the water and irreversibly damage your hot tub. Experts agreed that it is better to use high-wind straps for extra protection. Properly installed and maintained, the straps can withstand between 100 and 120 mph winds. The standard tool kit comes with an adjusted buckle, locking latches, and keys, which help keep the cover on during a hurricane.

5. Clear the surroundings

Most of the damage to your hot tub could very well come from the things around it. With gushing winds of more than 100 mph, a simple lawn chair could be harpooned into your hot tub, causing severe damage. That’s why it is important to secure the backyard furniture and other items close to your tub. Experts also advised that it is best to trim all trees and branches that could result in damage to your hot tub.

Post-hurricane care

Remember, after a storm or hurricane has passed, what you do to your hot tub is just as important as the steps taken to secure it in the first place. Getting it back into working condition and having family fun again is just as important to the health of your tub.

  • Check the power. It’s important to make sure that the circuit breakers and other connections are dry. Do not turn it on if the brakes are wet. It’s also important to inspect the wiring, harnesses, and other connections around your hot tub before turning it on. If you are not sure what to look for, consult a licensed electrician.
  • Check for any debris, twigs, or leaves that could clog or damage your filter. Even with a cover, dirt and other debris can get into your water and affect its quality. Also, remember to test the water and treat it before using it again. Adjusting the chemical balance in your home is very important after a storm or hurricane. Test the water and adjust the chemical levels as needed to ensure balance. Cleaning your filter is part of your regular maintenance but is especially important after a hurricane or storm to maintain a healthy tub and a healthy lifestyle.

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