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Should you have a hot tub at your rental property or airbnb?


Thinking about going on vacation? Searching for a private cabin rental or a unique Airbnb? What features are you looking for in your vacation rental? These are all questions you could ask your prospective rental clients if you own a rental property or an Airbnb. Besides a well-equipped kitchen and upgraded, luxurious bathrooms, having a hot tub or swim spa at your rental unit or Airbnb would definitely be a plus, especially if your Airbnb or rental is located in the mountains or near a ski resort. In fact, there are vacationers who are specifically looking for a rental that includes a hot tub or spa in these cold weather regions of the country and will pay more money for a rental with a spa. To most people, having access to a spa or hot tub equates to “relaxation” and “luxury,” two qualities most vacationers expect during a vacation.

While offering the use of a relaxing hot tub at your Airbnb is a plus for most clients, is a hot tub a good return on investment for short-term rental properties? Prices run anywhere from $2,000 for the basic to $10,000+ for higher-end spa models. While this seems to be a big price tag for your rental, the average Airbnb can see around a $5,000 annual profit increase from adding a hot tub. When you consider the increased occupancy and the higher nightly rate, in just a couple of years the spa would most likely have paid for itself, and then it’s all profit from there. One Airbnb owner stated that 90% of his guests when surveyed, said one of the deciding factors in choosing his Airbnb was the fact there was a hot tub.

While a hot tub does require upkeep and preventative maintenance, the popularity of your rental unit may depend upon whether you have a relaxing spa awaiting your vacationers. The relaxation your guests will experience as well as the therapeutic benefits of the warm water and hydrotherapy will have your rental property standing out from the competition with glowing reviews. There is no greater Instagram shot than your guests relaxing in the warm, bubbling spa with a cold drink!

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