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Bullfrog Spas Audio System

Man and Woman in a Bullfrog Spa


Clean Look, Reliability Ensured

Custom-designed for Bullfrog Spas’ unique construction, the system components are all hidden within the spa shell. This not only produces a cleaner look, but ensures reliability by eliminating component exposure to the elements and hot water environment of the spa.

m series speakers for spa

Rich, Smooth Sound Quality

State-of-the-art transducer technology produces a smooth frequency response that minimizes volume adjustment of the bass, middle, or treble frequency ranges from the source. The Jetpod design helps to segregate transducer sound and eliminate cross collision of sound waves, resulting in a richer sound throughout the spa rather than in select seats only.

Optimal Sound Clarity

An integrated, in-spa subwoofer manages the higher acoustic energy levels and additional power requirements that occur at lower frequencies, optimizing bass harmonics and overall sound clarity.

Subwoofer Speaker
Woman using remote access through CloudControl app

Remote Access

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play your favorite playlists, hot tub music, and podcasts directly from your smartphone, mobile device, or other digital audio player. A strong signal allows devices to pair easily yet securely as the connection is passcode protected.