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Hot Tub Cleaning

Hot Tub Cleaning

HTS offers various cleaning services to serve our customers along Florida’s Treasure Coast. From basic cleaning to premium services, we have the perfect package and product. Our exclusive relationship with our chemical manufacturers gives us an advantage of using these cleaning products that cannot be purchased anywhere else. Take a look below at our available hot tub cleaning service options.

Rinse and Balance

Our services go beyond just meticulous hot tub cleaning; we also provide support in maintaining the optimal condition of your spa. Our highly skilled technicians regularly test and balance the water using the appropriate chemicals. Once the spa chemistry is in equilibrium, our care specialist will remove the filters. They will soak the filters in a degreaser solution and then rinse them before placing them back into the spa.

Price starts at $139.

Basic Drain and Clean

The basic clean is a modified version of our premium service. With the basic drain and clean, our technician will purge your hot tub to get rid of any surface bacteria that may be present before draining the tub. The process will then be followed by our high-powered pumps completely draining the tub where we will wipe down the interior. He will remove the spa filters, de-grease them, and rinse them out. Lastly, the technician will clean and condition the vinyl cover. This service does not include refilling and balancing the water.

Price starts at $249.

Premium Drain and Clean

This is our deep clean service. The process scrubs all bacteria from the plumbing of the hot tub giving you a more sanitary spa than the day it was purchased. The bacteria scum makes it difficult to maintain clean and sanitary hot tub water.

Price starts at $299.

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