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Bullfrog Spa non-slip aquatic surface



Our Non-Slip Aquatic Surface Package made with SwimDek® materials defines premium luxury and support with innovative, attractive, and low-profile sub-aquatic tread and cushioning fixed onto floors and seats in the spa’s interior shell.

• Durable, non-slip cushioned treads and pads adhere to the surface of the spa, offering an extra layer of premium comfort and safety.
• Surface packages are custom-designed and sized for each of the Swim Series, M Series, and newer A Series spa models.
•The color coordinates with your selected model enhancing the overall appearance of the spa.

*SwimDek is a registered trademark of Hyperform, Inc DBA SwimDek.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Non-Slip Aquatic Surface Package with SwimDek is available for Swim Series in Standard and Premium options as a factory-installed feature and in M Series and 2023 and newer A Series spas as a dealer-installed option.

  • The Non-slip Aquatic Surface Package with SwimDek is standard with all Swim Series spas. A premium Swim Series package can be added as an upgrade. Non-slip Aquatic Surface Packages may also be added to each model in the M Series and 2023 and new A Series lines upon the initial spa order. If you already own a Swim Series, M Series, or 2023+ A Series spa and would like to add SwimDek, you can order through us and request backyard installation.

  • Only the recommended chlorine-based water sanitizer products, maintained at the recommended levels, should be used with SwimDek material. Bromine-based products or overuse of other sanitizers can lead to product degradation and could lead to limited product life and/or void SwimDek’s limited warranty. For questions regarding recommended chemicals, customers can contact

  • To clean dirt and footprints off SwimDek, add an all-purpose cleaner, degreaser, or dish soap to warm water and apply with a soft to medium bristled brush. Gently scrub, then rinse with clean water. Repeat if necessary.